Top 4 Countries to Visit to Fly Fishing

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Top 4 Countries to Visit to Fly Fishing

#4 – Alphonse Island, The Seychelles



The Seychelles is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, situated East off the coast of Africa, North-East of Madagascar and just a few degrees south of the equator. this remote and breathtakingly beautiful paradise is home to a private resort where angling takes center stage. Bonefish are in abundance on Alphonse, as are other large species like milkfish and giant trevally (if that’s your cup of tea). Amazing milkfish are sleek, powerful plankton eaters found in most warm oceans of the world and seldom caught, but guides at Alphonse have managed to figure out how to get 'em to suck in a fly.



#3 – Argentina, Patagonia



Argentina has a few destinations but none stand out like Patagonia. Located at the southern tip of South America, and stretching across both Chile and Argentina, this section of wilderness is one of the most strikingly beautiful places on the planet. It also happens to be home to world-class trout fishing, with numerous rivers, streams, and lakes for anglers to explore. With sub polar climates, tundra landscapes and recorded catches weighing at least10lbs, this is no place to get squeamish about taking the hook out. All of the fishing is of the catch-and-release variety, ensuring that the Patagonian waterways are always well stocked year in and year out. 



#2 – Mexico



American anglers looking for a completely new experience need only head south of the border to find excellent opportunities for fly fishing. Mexico has a number of great fresh and saltwater destinations for fishing, but perhaps the best can be found in Loreto on the Baja Peninsula. It offers a quiet experience away from the tourist places and over-fished waters. The region is home to an array of fantastic species of sport fish, including sea bass, yellowfin tuna, and snapper, all of which are large, energetic, and fun to reel in. An experience for beginners and veteran fishermen alike.



#1 - New Zealand



New Zealand's North and South islands are well known for their fly fishing fishermen target Wild Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout. The local rivers here are beautiful blue and green with clear bottoms and miles of natural Trout habitat. Expect 24-30-inch Brown and Rainbow Trout. There are dozens of great fly fishing destinations across the globe, but for our money these are the very best. Not only will anglers find excellent places to cast their line, they'll get to do so in some of the most beautiful locations anywhere. It is always tough to top that. just a pure fly-fishing haven.