The Best Time of The Year to Go Camping

The Best Time of The Year to Go Camping

 Is there really a “best” time to go camping and adventuring the outdoors? What is your favorite season of the year, do you know? Well in this article you’ll be able to see which season is for you an If, the more nontraditional seasons like winter might turn out to be a better choice for you. After all, there are different and with different things to offer, all with unique fascinations, advantages & disadvantages. In any random order, let’s begin.

Fall (Autumn)

With consistently pleasant weather, fall camping is becoming more and more popular with campers. A consistent benefit across a few blogs is the fact that Fall has fewer insects to bother you. Autumn morning air is fresher, your also likely to sleep longer because of the cool temperatures at night, so no over heating tent as the sun rises in the mornings. Waking up after a great night’s rest can never be a bad way to start the day. Plus, the different colors create astonishing views. Temperature also are great for adventurous type camper to go hiking, fishing etc. they will be fewer campers on camp ground so, you will have bigger space and more privacy. However, one must still pack warm clothing and swimming might not always be realistic.


Winter camping is probably not even an option for most campers because of course…ITS WAY TOO COLD. However, people do go camping in the winter as it has most of the same advantages of Fall like, fewer bugs, fewer people on camp sites so you have bigger spaces for yourself. You get to experience amazing landscapes and see different animals you wouldn’t normally see anywhere else, but Google and the terrain will be so different. However, as you can guess, its biggest disadvantage is the coldness and it can take your winter camping experience from awesome to terrible within minutes if you aren’t properly prepared. Just one night of chattering teeth and the fetal position to stay warm you, will send you packing for home to the nearest warm shower.



Do you like taking photos when out camping? Well, Spring is the time for you. The grass is never greener than it is in Spring. Take pictures as nature wakes up around you. All the little baby creature will be coming out as well. It’s said to be the best time to see moose families. The air is fresher and much cooler, so you get the full grasp of the freshness of the trees, grass & flowers. It’s amazing. It the most beautiful time to go camping. And with all this there are still fewer crowds than summer. However, if you suffer from allergies, spring might not be best suited for you.


There is so much to say about summer because IT IS THE MOST POPULAR SEASON! And that has so many advantages and disadvantages in itself. Summertime is the most popular season for camping because the weather is typically warm and dry. The temperature’s already high so you don’t need to fork out on expensive clothing and gear to keep you warm, nor do you need expensive sleeping bags or tents. Sleep under the stars with those clear summer nights.

The downsides are campsites are very crowded during the summer time. You need to plan well in advance, make your reservations and arrive early, especially on weekends and more importantly if you do it with your kids or a child.